The development so far in Ndokwa nation are answers to prayers of Christians that attend Annual Christian Congress in particular and others in general.

  1. The streets of Utagba-Ogbe were tarred after an offensive prayer walk in 1998 over Agip Operating in Ndokwa for 40 years without any evidence of their presence in terms of physical development; those that were obstructing in AGIP were kicked off.
  2. After a prayer walk in Obiaruku and Kwale too, development started coming.
  3. The relative peace we are enjoying today are as a result of prayers.
  4. Churches have increased in the land to displace idols.
  5. Oil wells are being discovered across Ndokwa Nation, not Okpai only.
  6. Ndokwa sons and daughters are gradually given place in leadership position in Delta State and Nationally.
  7. Traditions that oppose Christianity are gradually giving up to civilization.
  8. Testimonies abound in church of what the Congress Camp Meetings have done in the life of members and the land.
  9. Indigenous ministers who would not have been able to make contact with frontline ministers in Nigeria are benefiting from them through the Congress Guest Speaker.
  10. Almost all towns and Villages in Ndokwa Nation and a few in the riverine areas have been visited by the congress for evangelism work.
  11. The Congress is providing training for many young church founders and leaders through the annual Minster/Workers Conference.
  12. Sons and Daughters of Ndokwa origin who hitherto feared coming home are now coming home to build houses and other development activities.

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